Checklist Tutorial Video

So you want to have a tutorial video made. Great idea! However, before you contact the creators of your film to obtain a quote it’s useful to do some preliminary pondering, first. That way, you’ll be fully prepared when you call or e-mail them. Your friendly video production company will gladly oblige in helping you out!

  • What sort of instruction video should this be (safety-instructions, training-video, new-employees’ instructions, techniques-tutorial, etc.)?
  • What will you be using this film for (supply with your product, in-house instructions, posting on the intranet, etc)?
  • Who will be your intended audience? Briefly describe your viewer.
  • What do you wish your film to reveal? Need a scene be built (as in a studio) or does all shooting take place in existing locations? How many locations do you figure there will be?
  • Will you have your own people ‘acting’ in the film or would you prefer to use actors or hosts? Do you need any extras?
  • Does your film call for a voice-over? If so, will your company provide the text for that or would you like some help, there?
  • Should you start your film with an (animated) intro? Will you be needing any further animations? This could be the case when displaying a specific process or a certain technique, your company’s geographical scope, etc.
  •  Have you already given any thought to a possible budget? If so, could you provide a rough estimate? Producing a corporate flick requires a great many people, means, and time. It costs less to make less, and a limited budget will buy you only so much less then a larger budget. In the end, your video production company can demonstrate quite clearly what you can and cannot do.