We love Jamie Oliver

The other day our phone rang. Whether we would like to produce the trailer for the Dutch version of Jamie’s new book ‘At Home With Jamie’. Uhm… What? Jamie Oliver? YES. Ofcourse!

The official press release of ‘At Home With Jamie’

So we made up this little storyline, send it over to mr. Oliver to get his approval. A couple of days later we set up our camera at Jamie’s restaurant Fifteen in Amsterdam and waited for Jamie himself to arrive. It had been ages since the last time he touched down in Holland for an official press release, so everyone was pretty excited. And so were we..

Even Jamie lends recipes

But although we were a tiny bit nervous (We are talking THE Jamie Oliver here people..), working with Jamie was a delight. He took all the time he needed, told us about the history of Great Britains’ horrible food and even admitted ‘lending’ some recipes every now and then.. WHAAAAT??!

We had an amazing day at Fifteen and are very proud of our collaboration with Jamie.

Thanks so much Chef!