The ideal corporate flick

Do you silently dream of a tarty, classical corporate flick? Gentle images and a sweet lullabye? Ah – we’ll have to disappoint you, then. We don’t do tarty flicks.. What we do make, is a fast-paced, modern corporate flick. One that captivates the viewer. We could, for example, make two versions: a short, yet compelling internet-video and a somewhat more elaborate DVD-film. Use it in a sales-presentation, on a convention, as a hand-out, or loop-playback it in your store or office.

Corporate Flick from beginning to end.

You decide what it is you want to accomplish with your flick. Together, we brainstorm on content, write the script, manage the shooting, do the filming and edit the footage into a marvellous corporate flick.


A corporate flick leaves its marks! You make a good impression and move people into action. You choose the moving pictures rather than a dull brochure, for you want your target audience to remember your message. You want to increase your turnover. Four Corners knows exactly how to make the perfect corporate flick. Contact us and inform after the possibilities. Oh, and prepare to be creatively surprised…

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