Extended commercial with a theatre release before 007 movie, Skyfall

The extended commercial, it’s like you are in the movies, was made as a sales film for all Philips Ambilight television salesmen and women. As an incentive they were all invited to see the James Bond film Skyfall in the cinemas.  Our extended commercial was show previous to the real James Bond film.

Branding reclamefilm ‘It’s Like You Are In The Movies’ voor TP Vision, onderdeel van Philips. Om alle salesmedewerkers van elektronicawinkels te stimuleren om de nieuwe Philips Ambilight TV te gaan verkopen werden ze uitgenodigd voor de Ambilight TV introductie in bioscoopzalen door heel Nederland. Fourcorners maakte een spannende reclamefilm die het kijkgevoel van de Ambilight weergeeft, de nieuwe features van de Ambilight TV laat zien en de actie introduceert.


In the months after the release of this film, which was part of a bigger campaign, the sales of Ambilight TV’s increased.


“We choose Fourcorners for their enthusiasm, creativity and expertise. During the project they showed an enormous amount of flexibility and we had a blast of a time. What they did in such a very short time is outstanding.”

Project information

Client: Philips Ambilight
Concept: Fourcorners, a branding film agency
Director: Lex Schmeetz & Ruben Wiltink
Story by: Lex Schmeetz, Ruben Wiltink and Benjamin Maas
Producer: Monique Beijer and Sien Wassenaar
Editors: Leo van der Hoef en Maike Claessen
Special effects: Sander Heister