Corporate video ISSD

In order of the Ministry of Development Care in the Netherlands we produced a corporate documentary. The documentary tells the story of local farmers in Ethiopia and how they became more and successful as small entrepreneurs in the midst of a predominantly government orientated seed market.


The documentary created a strong international exposure and awareness of the ISSD program. In Ethiopia the documentary was broadcasted on national television.


“This beautiful film brought us to tears. Thank you so much that you have been able to capture the essence of the Ethiopian farmers as entrepreneurs in such a strong visual manner.”

Gemaakt door

Client: WUR / Ministry of Development Care Netherlands
Concept: Fourcorners, a branding film agency
Director: Lex Schmeetz
DOP: Kieran Scannell
Producer: Monique Beijer and Sien Wassenaar
Editors: Leo van der Hoef
Special effects: Sander Heister