Corporate video

Corporate video is the most effective way to tell your story. A beautiful way to show what your company, product or service is about and an excellent way to get your clients inspired or activated. Corporate video is simply one of the best tools to boost your marketing & communications! Do you know what you want and do you want to know more about the costs? Contact us for free advice or skip the chitchat and:

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Thinking differently

Our clients love working with us because we are a bit wayward in the way we work. Why? Because we believe it brings us and our customers further. Asking questions (again and again) brings us to the core, and thinking differently is what keeps us sharp. With over 15 years of experience in corporate film making, we know the drill and how to succesfully reach your goal; capture the viewers attention and deliver your corporate message in a fun and memorable way.

What we can do for you

We are independent, which makes it possible for us to look at your message in a clear and freethinking way. We love to get to know your company, we want to know why you do what you do and we’re very curious to know all about the way you work. This information will be transformed to a dazzling script which will lead to powerful video content with maximum impact.

Why us?

Word to mouth is the best marketing ever, so we’d say; ‘Because others say so’. Not convinced yet? No hard feelings, we wouldn’t be either when someone tells us we have to hire them just because ‘others say so’. Therefore we herewith give you a few solid arguments:

  • We have what it takes to look at your company the way your clients and customers do
  • We are not just good in reaching your targeted audience, we are also experts in making your message stick and getting your target group activated or involved
  • We have over 15 years of experience of delivering engaging corporate videos and commercials. We lost track on the exact amount, but definitely more than 5000 corporate films have been produced by us with tons and tons of passion
  • We understand how video content can impact your organization and helps you to reach your business goals to a new level

Ready for action

We are always in for a good brainstorm sessions and love to go ahead and surprise you with a strong concept for your corporate video. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

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