One Health

Promo video for the international One Health summit (#IOHC2015), which brings science and policy together aiming at the early recognition and control of emerging (infectious) diseases, now and in the years to come.

As human and animal health are inextricably linked, we chose to show this link through the ‘double exposure’ film style. We combined footage of animals with footage from doctors at work in one single shot. A beautiful, effective way to get the summit theme across.


The promo video got a standing ovation after having been showed as a show stopper at the One Health Summit. As of now they are going to use it for promotion for the theme.


“A standing ovation! Thanks for the lovely cooperation during the production of this promo video and your patience and flexibility. We loved your ability to transform all of our wishes in a creative way.”

Produced by

Client: Immuno Valley
Concept, script & production: Fourcorners, a branding film agency
Animation: Paperless Animations, the animation studio of Fourcorners
Directed by: Lex Schmeetz & Ruben Wiltink
Produced by: Monique Beijer
Edited and animated by: Ruben Wiltink