Hugo de Kok

Director Hugo de Kok is a promising, upcoming young filmmaker. He first started at Fourcorners as an intern and graduated with honours at the Art Academy in Utrecht, The Netherlands. His final exam film turned into a big hit on internet, shared by numerous blogs all over the world. Over the years Hugo developed his skills by working on various music videos, commercials and motion graphic projects.

Expect the unexpected

Hugo’s short film, Flatten, already showed that he is willing to explore different visual angles to tell a story. But with his graduation film ‘And then it hits you’ he created an entire film around the concept ‘expect the unexpected’.

Virtual insanity

Already at the age of 6 he was flabbergasted by the music video ‘Virtual Insanity’ of Jamiroquai and wondered how they pulled it off. His love for filmmaking was born. Now, over 20 years later Hugo tries to amaze other people with his own films. As a director Hugo likes to work with a strong and creative team that complements his vision.