Lex Schmeetz

Director and creative director Lex Schmeetz is a cinematographic director, always looking for the perfect shot. He is a walking and talking creative mind and brings innovative ideas to the meeting table. His inventive, visionary approach gives clients already an idea about the visualisation of their potential film and makes Lex a joy to work with.

Rutger Hauer

Lex was born with a passion for film. At the age of eight he started making short films starring his ‘Action Man’ dolls at his parent’s house. During the Rutger Hauer Film Factory it was the internationally renowned ‘Blade Runner’ actor Rutger Hauer himself who inspired him to make fiction. As Rutger quoted: “Just do it! It just pixels, it won’t kill ya.” Lex gets inspiration from directors as: Ridley Scott, Michael Mann, Michael Bay and Christopher Nolan.

Short films

Lex wrote, produced and directed the short WW2 film Lost Lives, which was selected for screening at the Orlando film festival in 2014. Another short film which Lex created under the auspices of Rutger Hauer, Lonesome, was selected for screening at the I’ve seen film festival in Milan and the Dutch film festival. At the moment Lex is working on several TV series concepts. We keep you posted on these developments.